How to screen renters with Zuby - coming soon!

Protect your investment, make sure you know who’s moving
into your property

Large property management companies always rely on background checks to ensure they only accept qualified renters who can be counted on to pay rent on time and adequately maintain the property, so why shouldn’t you?

Properly screening potential renters is the first step in protecting your investment like a pro, and Zuby’s goal of giving our landlords professional property management tools starts with access to our TransUnion SmartMove screening reports, which are designed specifically for individual landlords and applicants. Requesting reports through Zuby is easy and comes at no cost to you.

What to Expect from a SmartMove Report

SmartMove reports are provided by TransUnion, a leader in credit reporting. In a single comprehensive report, you will receive credit reports, criminal background checks, income estimate, and eviction records for your applicants. The online screening process is secure, and your applicant’s personal information is kept private.

SmartMove reports use reliable data directly from the source, has broad national coverage, accurate matching, and is designed in a format specific to renter screening, helping you choose the right renter for your property.

Requesting a Report

Under Zuby Tools in your Zuby account, select Background and Credit Checks. Here you will be able to request a new report from a potential applicant. Simply enter the applicant’s name and email, and Zuby takes care of the rest. Your applicant will receive an email with instructions on how to complete and pay for the request. Since the information is entered by the applicant, the report generates a “soft” credit inquiry, which will have no impact on the applicant’s credit score.

Reports usually take a few hours to complete, unless there is a red flag which may result in a longer processing time. We will email you to keep you posted on the status of the report, and to let you know once it is ready to view. You will then be able to see the report in the same place you requested it, under Zuby Tools in your Zuby account.

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