Renters benefits


Credit card points!

Pay your full rent amount for free via ACH with a tap of a button, even if your landlord is not on Zuby.

Use a bank account, a credit card, your mom’s credit card, whatever. Just don’t pay late.

Learn more about Zuby payment options.


Stop chasing your roommate for rent

You and your roommates connect to the same property, and each pay rent however you like.

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Being an excellent renter pays off

If you choose to, Zuby shares your payment history with credit agencies to be reflected in your credit report.

Don’t worry if you don’t pay with Zuby for whatever reason, your credit won’t suffer.

Learn about building credit


Mount that TV right the first time

If you’re not the best with a drill – Zuby’s here for you.

Tell us what you need and when you need it, and we’ll put you in touch
with a local pro who can help.

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Your stuff wasn’t cheap, protect it

Renters insurance isn't expensive. Replacing your entire life is.

Protect your belongings from break-ins, fires, and more.

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Never pay a late fee again

Zuby keeps track of every detail, like when rent is due, how much you paid in security deposit, and when your lease expires, so that you don’t have to.

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