Landlord benefits

Sit back and watch the rent come in

Assign a specific bank account to each property and collect rent, security deposits, and fees, all free of charge.

Your renters receive rent reminders, and can split rent with roommates for free.

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Make sure you know who’s moving in

Our tenant screening reports (coming soon!) are thorough, come at no cost to you, and won’t impact your renters' credit score.

Require renters insurance from all renters, and browse landlord legal coverage to further protect your investment.

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You answer questions, we create your lease

Zuby’s easy to use legal document creation tool puts the power of legal protection in your hands.

Create lease agreements, eviction notices and many other legal documents.

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Get a handyman on your schedule

Let Zuby know what the issue is and when you will be available. We will set you up with a local professional who is right for the job, on your schedule.

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Not too low, not too high – just right

Zuby’s rent estimate reports (coming soon!) are backed by a variety of data sources, resulting in relevant market intel that helps you price your rental property right.

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Time to get organized

Automatic monthly rent payments, reminders, and late fees put you and your renter on the same page.

Use Zuby to store important property documents, keep track of key lease information, and much more.

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