Landlords, renters – meet Zuby

Zuby is a beautifully designed, easy to use property management iOS app for landlords and renters. Zuby offers free rent payment, local service professionals, legal documents and much more.

What is Zuby?

Zuby makes life easier for landlords who manage their own properties, and for their renters. Zuby is free to use, and offers free rent payment and collection, a variety of professional tools, local home services, and many other benefits.

For Landlords

Collect rent for free online using bank-level security.

Create lease agreements using our digital legal documents tool.

Order cleaners, handymen, plumbers and other local professionals.

Get the most out of your rental by keeping track of everything.

Screen renters to make sure your property is protected (coming soon!).

Price your property right using a Zuby rent estimate report (coming soon!).

For Landlords For Renters

For Renters

Pay rent for free.

Invite your roommates, split the rent.

Put the drill and broom down, order handymen, cleaners and more.

Protect your precious belongings with a Zuby renters insurance policy.

Stay on top of things that matter like avoiding late fees.

Build credit history for paying rent on time (coming soon!).

Pay Rent Online with Zuby

Getting set up is quick and easy - landlords create a property, invite renters, assign a bank account, and Zuby takes care of the rest. Renters can join Zuby at any point, even if their landlord is not on Zuby.

Pay Rent Online with Zuby

Why We Created a Rent Payment App

If you are familiar with the real estate industry, it may come as no surprise to you that the mom & pop segment of the market has been slow to adopt technology. While there are many property management tools available, the vast majority of them cater to large property managers, making them too complex and too expensive for the individual landlord. Despite representing the majority of rental owners in the U.S., landlords with 1-5 properties have been under-served for a very long time, until now.

We created Zuby with the goal of providing a seamless renting experience for all landlords and renters. We do this by empowering landlords with professional property management tools in a simple and effective platform, while keeping costs as low as possible. Zuby is free to use for both landlords and renters and offers free rent payment and collection. In addition, we offer the right products that are designed specifically for individual landlords and renters. These include background and credit checks, legal documents, and renters insurance, all of which are based on the latest technologies making them affordable and easy to use without compromising quality.

To make the user experience as best as we could, we decided to make a mobile app. Research has shown time and again that apps provide a superior user experience by offering greater personalization, sleeker design and functionality, timely notifications, and better accessibility. We put great effort into our app to make the lives of our landlords and renters as easy as possible, saving everyone time and money for all. So don’t be shy – give it a try and see how you like it. Like we said, it’s totally free to use – no catch, no fine print, no hidden fees.